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A holiday in theYorkshire countryside like no other


In our opinion there is nowhere more beautiful than the Yorkshire Dales but don’t take our word for it, see what the experts have to say...

One of the more remote sections of the whole canal and probably the most beautiful.
This is Canal Scenery at its best.

This is an outstanding stretch in which the navigation continues to snake extravagantly around the splendid green and humpy hills that fill the landscape.

The beauty of the area maybe judges by the fact that the Yorkshire Dales National Park borders the navigation along here.

After Greenberfield the canal twists and winds through the hills to Gargrave, this canal scenery at its very best, where the boat and walker share the landscape with grazing sheep and a wide variety of moorland birds.

Gargrave must surely earn a place in any top ten list of canal side villages.

In addition to the outstanding scenery the canals up North are quieter. There are rarely queues for locks or moorings allowing you a relaxed journey.


But don’t worry if you’re a novice there are enough other boaters to offer advice and support if you need it. We have experienced first hand how friendly and helpful the boating community is.

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