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Dog friendly canal boat holidays


Download our T&Cs here


Check out our Guide to Boating page for our Handover pack, Boaters Handbook, and video tutorials

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, Little Blue is a dog friendly canal boat and we want your four legged friend to enjoy your canal boat holiday too. There are no extra costs for dogs although we do ask you keep them off the furniture and bedding (if your dog is used to being on seats please bring covers for our seating). As Little Blue is a small canal boat  there is only space for one dog.

I have never been on a canal boat holiday before, will I get trained on how to drive the boat, pass through locks etc?

Yes, at the beginning of your holiday you will have a full practical handover and reference book, also you can download the Canal River Trust's boater's handbook and watch guidance videos from our website (Guide to Boating page).  We will also be available by phone 24 hours a day to offer assistance.

You seem cheaper than other Canal Boat Holidays, why ? Are there hidden extras?

We are simply cheaper because we do not have the overheads so we offer the best value for money on the British waterways!  There are never any hidden extras the price includes diesel, gas, water, bedding, tea towels, your dog, use of local canal guides and maps and anything else we think should be included. We are approved by the Canal River Trust to operate as a hire boat, have breakdown emergency cover and are fully insured, though you will need to purchase your normal travel insurance.

Is there parking?

There is  free car parking at Hainsworths yard where we are currently located. which is convenient for loading and unloading.  This is not secured at night but it is within the yard and away from footfall..

Are children allowed?

We would recommend not bringing children onto the boat.  The boat is very small and there are no child proof rooms on the boat.  They will need constant supervision which is especially difficult when navigating locks and can detract from the tranquillity of your holiday! But a well behaved older child or young teen could probably be accommodated.

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